Download A Blank Version of the Introductory Credit Card Application Form
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Submission of your application form requires the upload and attachment of the following files: 1. Proof of Address, 2. Government Issued Picture Identification and 3. Salary Slip or Job Letter. Please have an electronic/digital copy of ALL the mentioned files on your computer/device prior to starting an online application.
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Each file upload must be less than 1000 Kb and must belong to the following file types/extensions: pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, csv, jpg, jpeg, png.
If you are NOT using your Drivers License as your Picture ID, please upload an image of your Tax Registration Number(TRN) card in the Supporting Documents field.
Please upload front and back images of your Picture ID.


Kindly tick this checkbox to confirm your Consent Pursuant to the Credit Report Act and Legal Notice below.

By submitting this application, you have agreed to FGB's Standard Credit Card Terms and Conditions.
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Legal Notice
I/We certify that Everything that is stated in this application is correct. I authorize you to obtain information on my credit and employment history and such source is hereby authorized to provide the requested information. You are authorized to disclose to any credit bureau and other credit grantors any information about my credit history. I agree to indemnify you against any and all claims in damages or otherwise arising from such disclosure on your part. I agree for you to share my contact information (including my name, address, telephone number, email address) and Credit Card Account number with GraceKennedy Limited for the purpose of enrolling me in the Grace Kennedy Value Rewards Program. By signing this application the applicant understands and agrees to the conditions stated in the Cardholder Agreement and the Conditions of Use enclosed.